Discover yourself and discover success!

You have a dream, you know what you want to achieve, you have something special to share with the world... What you don't know is HOW?  You have so many questions, and - let's be honest - a certain amount of doubt or fear.  So where do you begin?

Let Eli help.  She's been there, she knows exactly what you are going through.  Though her programs, products, and coaching or speaking services, Eli Davidson strives to give you tools that are simple yet effective at getting you exposure, maximizing your business, and living the life you dream of.  You can read more about her journey here, but what is important for you to understand is that it is possible for anyone to reach the highest level of success, as long as you maintain three crucial focal points... Outer Marketing, Inner Marketing, and Accountability.

Outer Marketing

Attracting attention, and not just any attention - the kind of attention that is going to rocket you and your business into fame and fortune!  Yes, it is one of the fastest ways to explode your business.  But two of the biggest mistakes people commonly make is not:

  • Prepping their product to be received by the media.
  • Targeting the right media sources that are not only interested in but will welcome you with open arms

Outer marketing is where people spend the majority of their time and money yet get the poorest result.  But Eli has the proven experience that will turn this equation right around!

Inner Marketing

To get the most of your Outer Marketing efforts, you've got to have strength and confidence.  You will need stand up under scrutiny, walk out to center stage, and hold your business up to the spotlight with a big smile on your face.  However, remember the first bullet point above about not prepping your product properly?  Well, guess what else needs to be prepped?  You! You need to be ready:

  • Mentally - think on your feet and know what to say in a given moment
  • Physically - long work hours, a lot of stress, take care of yourself to hold up!
  • Emotionally - Don't give in to your doubts, fears, and other things that undermine you.  Prepare for success!

Eli sincerely cares about people.  She's had ups and downs in her life and with them came great success and blessings.  Her mission is to inspire others to push through their self limitations and reach for the stars!


Despite our best intentions, it is so easy to make excuses for failures, both big and small.  By creating a system of goal setting, self management, and regular check ins, Eli helps you organize your projects, assess your needs, and create the results you desire.