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                                                                                  You heard the call.


Why You? Why Now?

You’ve been a success. You pushed to get where you are.
Worked endless weekends. Sweat bullets to make it happen.
As a successful woman you’ve have had two choices.
Get hardened  having to “man up” to meet  deadlines.
Or feel bone-achingly tired from putting family, business and the planet's needs first.
Behind closed doors when no one’s looking you shudder.
How much longer can you keep up?
Successful women have had two choices.
Until now.
Now, there is a whole new way for women leaders.

Flourish: Live Your Love!

Step out of the static and spring into a new way of being.  (If you want slow, boring and hard this is not for you.)
Savor replenishing to your core in a sacred community. Develop profound friendships with like hearted, influential women from around the world.  Co-create your most grace filled, meaningful life.

Yes. That life. The one where you wake up pinching yourself saying, "Thank you. How did I get so lucky? I love my life!"
Discover ancient practices to turn adversity into nourishment so you are more easily empowered and joyous.
Integrate honoring your intuition and allow yourself to side step road blocks and embrace your most profound opportunity.
Unearth your ability to speak up and set healthy boundaries. Root your life in the Seed of your Soul, and naturally expand your positive influence.

As you Flourish, you discover a new way to harvest a more bountiful, successful, meaningful life.
Instead of writing your experiences in a notebook, each day savor integrating the new you with curated experiences, sacred sites, music, art and special surprises. Enjoy an intimate, interactive process for life long learning with other amazing women just like you.

CNN, Conde' Nast and Travel and Leisure named San Miguel de Allende the "Most Beautiful City in the World."
This is the only place in the world we can do this work.
Our participants consistently report that they experience permanent change and blossom in ways they couldn't have imagined prior to FLOURISH.

Flourish Experience Retreat Outline

Day One: Breakfast, participant introductions and "totem" sharing. Explore the first of Five Natural Elements, "Space" its gift of the "Seed of The Soul."  Lunch and "Sacred Time Flower Process" to embody a deeper connection of "One Accord." Group outing: "Sacred Time Walk" in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, shopping, return to retreat villa.  Group dinner, sharing, Q&A, "Lucid Dreaming" introduction and close day.

Day Two: Breakfast, group sharing. Explore the second Natural Element of "Earth." Travel into the deep "Ground of the Self and Soul" through engaging in expert-facilitated mirror work. Group lunch, sharing and prepare for outing. Outing to El Charco Ingenio sacred grounds to ground new learning and integrate the deep self/soul work.  Return to retreat center for integration and journal time.  Group dinner and advanced dream work.

Day Three: Breakfast, sharing and Q & A.  Explore the third Natural Element of "Water."  Learn about the "Sacred Feminine" Water Goddesses and the power they represent and prepare for outing.  Outing to the underground Mayan thermal springs Spa, Conduct the "Sacred Water Goddess Ceremony."  Return to the retreat villa, group dinner, sharing, integration, key learning applications and advanced dream setup.  (Click here for extraordinary pictures of the Mayan Spa!)

Day Four: Breakfast and sharing. Explore the fourth Natural Element of "Fire."  Illuminate the creative flame within and make it fully visible.  Lunch and prepare for outing.  Outing to Fabrica Aurora International Art Gallery for surprise creative activity. Return to retreat villa, reflection time, "Aztec Goddess Fire Ceremony," group dinner and live entertainment, close day.

Day Five: Breakfast and sharing. Explore the fifth Natural Element of "Air."  Lunch and prepare for outing.  Outing to the Sacred Feminine Cañada de la Virgen Pyramids. "13 Worlds and the Sacred Seed Scattering Ceremony." Group sharing and insights. Return to retreat villa, group dinner celebration and post-retreat support session and personal declarations. Prepare to check out the following morning.

Flourish Retreat Attendee Testimonials:

In 2015, Eli Davidson coached CEO’s on Richard Branson’s private island, Necker Island. 2000 companies applied 7 companies won a trip to Necker Island to meet Richard Branson. 4 of those companies worked with Davidson and partner, Val Jon Farris. Val Jon Farris and Eli Davidson co-facilitated program with Jeff Hoffman former CEO of Priceline. They focused their work on leaders of companies making global contributions and continue to work on teams with Nobel Prize winners and members of the White House. Prior to 2015 Davidson won 3 National book awards for Funky to Fabulous and appeared in The Today Show, CNN, USA Today, New York Times.  Joan Rivers and numerous other leaders hired her to coach them to lead more prosperous and fulfilling lives. This unearthed a deeper truth. Beyond the world of business building there is a deeper call - to flourish.

Flourish Retreat Investment

The "early bird" investment for our Flourish Retreat is $7,500 per person double occupancy*.  (After September 1st tuition is $8,500.) Tuition includes all pre-program support and preparation materials, daily workshops sessions, one-on-one interaction and mentoring, and 9 months of daily integration materials.

Six nights double occupancy accommodations at our Flourish House Retreat. All meals are prepared by our private chef, curated excursions and outings, entrance to private spa and all event-related transport.

What is not included is airfare and ground transportation, meals out on the town, personal shopping and incidentals.  (* See bedroom assignment policy in Accommodations.)

Location & Travel & Information

Located 165 miles Northeast of Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende is just over a 3 hour flight from Los Angeles or 2 hours Houston with an additional 90 minute limousine ride directly from the Leon, Mexico airport to our retreat villa in San Miguel. At between 4 and 5 hours travel time there is no other world class international retreat destination is easier to reach.

Flourish Experience Retreat
The 5-Day Flourish Retreat is being held October 22nd to 26th, 2018 in San Miguel de Allende.  (Check-in is between 4:00 and 9:00 PM Saturday, June 23rd and check-out is by 11:00 AM Friday, June 29th.)  Airline booking should be made to Leon, Mexico, (a 2-hour flight from Houston and 3-hour flight from Los Angeles).  Plan Leon airport arrival and departure times for the early afternoon.  Please note: due to our travel schedule this will be our only retreat in this format. To register for our upcoming retreat or for more information please fill out our application at the bottom of this page.

Retreat Accommodations

Our Flourish House Retreat is located right in the heart of the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende.  It has a meeting space, private outdoor patio a fully equipped kitchen and accommodations for up to eight guests. (Bedrooms are assigned based on first registered and all rooms, regardless of size are double occupancy.  Specific room assignments will be clarified upon registration.)

For more information about our Flourish Retreat, please send us a message.  We will personally reply and discuss the retreat details with you. (Note: Your contact information will be held in total confidence.)  See our extensive list of testimonials below!

Flourish Retreat Inquiry

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Client Testimonials

"World Class Advisors."

Sir Richard Branson

CEO, Virgin Enterprises

"I didn’t think you could do it. But, my relationship with Melissa has been changed forever. You are our Ceaser Milan."

Joan Rivers

Hollywood Star

"Exceptional command and deep experience!"
Jeff Hoffman

Former CEO,

"For those who already have a successful business and know deep down inside that there are lucrative opportunities out there that you're missing, you're right!  Our experience with Eli far exceeded our expectations. She rocked our world by completely reinventing what we do and who we do it for! I'm positive that our decision to work with her will return millions to our business. I highly recommend her."

Melissa Guy

President, Co-Founder, Asset Media Group, Inc.

"Wow! I was not prepared for this amazing experience! I met Eli during a very low point in my life and within two weeks I began my transformation. Now I am a different person. I'm in a great place and excited about the new possibilities in my life. I've learned skills that will be with me forever. I am so grateful to have met Eli. Open your mind and let Eli help you live your dream. Trust me....her coaching really works!"

Robin Munushian

Director, Partner, Boingo Wireless

"Eli means business. The innovative system she has developed works on many levels. Her 'product' is explosive and dangerous so be prepared to expand beyond your wildest expectations."

Prudence Fenton

3 Emmys, 1 Grammy, 1 Clio, 2 MTV awards, Cinematic Reality Producer at MAGIC LEAP

"Eli is a great resource for coach training. She was able to help me identify key success metrics I have achieved and how those metrics can help others."

Peter Sortwell

CEO, Arborwell

"Eli Davidson is a natural leader. These reinvention tools are the most effective I have ever seen. Results achieved were unprecedented."

Frank McGuire

Founding Member , FedEx

"Eli Davidson is a lightening bolt of authenticity, humor and wisdom. This work offers you easy to use applicable tools to live your own fabulous life."

Marilyn Gill

Producer, Oprah

"If you are looking for tangible results in your career, business or even personal life, I could not more highly recommend Eli Davidson. She helped me to make a quantum leap in my career via her coaching and exercises. I set very specific and at that time what I felt were very ambitious goals, but she coached me to success and I am elated to say that each and every goal."

Erica Coates

Director, Partner & Project Operations, Boingo Wireless

"Eli's coaching and mentoring is result-oriented and enjoyable. Her process helped me gain an understanding of my own leadership style and guided me toward establishing priorities - not just for my career but for my own self care. She is imaginative, positive and all about empowering her clients."

Shelby Jiggetts-Tivony

Executive Creative Development, Walt Disney Imagineering

"Forget about solar and wind energy, let's plug Eli into the grid, she's got enough energy to light up LA. Eli is fun, spontaneous and creative. Who does not want more of that? Her message, based on her own, inspiring personal story is a powerful one for individuals and companies alike."

Clara Hori

Business Consultant, Metodiko

"Eli Davidson has provided me the innovative tools for creating more success in my life! Her positively charged coaching style has motivated me to completely shift my perspective and really think outside the box."

Julia Jorczak

Talent Management Consultant, Johns Hopkins University

"A week after starting my work with Eli I was released from my job. Yet, it was when everything got BETTER! Working with her facilitated the motivation and courage to step into a dream I had secretly had for years. I wanted to own my own business. Six months later I own my own profitable design business. The results speak for themselves. With in a week of opening my business I booked my first client at a fortune 500 Company. Within one month I had so much business that I added additional designers."

Carrie Henkel-Brito

Motion Graphic Designer, Self Employed

"I chose to work with Eli because her message struck a cord with my mission and my business. I went in with one idea and walked out with something so different. Leaps were made and I felt what it was like to be my client which for me was a breakthrough. I saved myself at least $100K in income and time. Already reached out to some people that need me, my niche and well let's say its been a really good morning. Be open, listen, and she'll deliver."


Alexia Gonzolez

Business Consultant, Self Employed